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The Rule of Thirds

In this art lesson we will learn about The Rule of Thirds. The Rule of Thirds is a guideline for how to create drawings, paintings or photographs that are visually more interesting and dynamic.

After you've watched the video follow these steps to complete the lesson:

1. Get two standard size pieces of paper. 


2. On the first piece of paper draw a grid like a large tic-tac-toe game. It doesn't have to be exact.


3. Add four dots where the lines intersect. 4

4. Choose one of the dots to draw the first image you'd like viewers to see. It doesn't have to be exactly  on the dot. Close by is fine. This first drawing is just rough. It's a sloppy copy. Use your pencil and eraser to try out different places until you find something you like.


5.Now add some details to another line. What would you like the viewer to see next?


6. Now fill in the  the background. Where does your scene take place?


7. Once you're happy with  your rough copy take your second piece of paper and make the finished work of art. Use colored pencils, paint, or crayons to add color. For the finished work  you don't have to create a grid but use your rough drawing to remind you of where you placed the features of your work.

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